OF OUR B&B

Especially for persons in a wheelchair we foresee our wider chamber named "Terra".

The doors of the chamber and bathroom are 35,43 inches wide.
The space between the bed, the cupboard, the table and the chairs is also at least 35,43 inches wide.
And the double bed has a height of 22,44 inches.

The spacious bathroom contains a toilet, a shower and a sink.
The toilet, without support clamps, has a ca. 18 inches high sitting height.
It is possible to position a wheelchair for 1/3th under the washbasin.

The shower is spacious, but not possible to drive-in.
Since the shower cabin has a raised edge of ca. 3,15 inches.
The opening of the shower is 23,23 inches wide.
Once one is in the shower, one can easily close the sliding door.
Also, on simple demand, a chair can be placed in the shower,
to where the person can easily transfer themself, out of the wheelchair.

The breakfast chamber has a broad access-door of 35,43 inches.
The food is arranged on a sideboard with a height of 36,61inches.
The machine for hot beverages stands within hand range and ca. 49 inches high.
All guests are seated at a long antique breakfast table, where role chairs can easily fit underneath.
The height from the ground up to the bottom of the table measures 25,20 inches.

To enter and exit our B&B there is a threshold from about 2 inches.
Nevertheless, on simple demand, we will foresee an inclined plane, especially for you.
Everything in our B&B is situated on the first floor and there are no thresholds inside the building.

The access path exists out of a bit incline cobbled trail.
Also the garden and swimmingpool are easily accessible by a flat cobbled trail of 49,21inches wide.

However, if you would experience unexpected obstacles,
you can always count on our help. In Casa Roman, your comfort is our main care.
You can rest assured that we’ll do our very best to make you feel at home.


Enjoy your day ,
Nadia and Giacomo Roman