The unique Gift-Voucher of Casa Roman

Are you looking for a personal and original gift for a specific amount ?
Then the Gift-Voucher of Bed & Breakfast Casa Roman is exactly what you want !

The lucky recipients of these Gift-Voucher may on the day or days of their choice
come to the peaceful Zonhoven, where they can have a relaxing holiday and
surely enjoy the warm hospitality of Bed & Breakfast Casa Roman and its hosts.
Recreational possibilities abound :
Guests of Bed & Breakfast Casa Roman may use the pool, the petanque facilities,
they can rent a vespa or a bicycle, enjoy a delicious gastronomic meal,
or just enjoy the peace and beautiful surroundings ...
You notice it all, something for everyone and
at Bed & Breakfast Casa Roman the hosts treat all guests like kings.

With this Gift-Voucher of Bed & Breakfast Casa Roman it is easy to make somebody really happy !
You also, would like to receive such a gift, wouldn´t you?

Order now the Gift-Voucher and choose the amount you want to donate, and after the payment
of the choosen amount:

25,00 €/ 50,00 €/ 100,00 €/ 150,00 €/ 200,00 €/ 250,00 €/ 300,00 €/ 350,00 € ...
on the account of Casa Roman, Herestraat 72, 3520 Zonhoven, Belgium
Belfius : Iban : BE 40 0631 6189 5863 – BIC : GKCCBEBB

you will receive within three days the beautiful Gift-Voucher of Casa Roman in your mailbox.
email us for more information :